Airfield Plan

Full Sutton Airfield

In the interest of safety all Aircraft are to PPR before arrival. Please complete this form to submit flight details alternatively call the club on 01759 373277.

Attention: Please assume that any information available on this site may not be current and that it should NOT be used for aircraft operations. Efforts will be made however to see that it is broadly accurate.

Operational information should always be obtained from an up-to date source: Pooleys, CAA Website, NATS

The CAA is not responsible for any aeronautical information or charts which appear on this site.


 The airfield is not available for Public Transport flights required to use a licensed aerodrome.


Strictly PPR: Overflying of the nearby Prison is strictly forbidden. Offenders will be video recorded and prosecuted by the Prison Authorities and Police.

Intensive gliding takes place at Pocklington airfield located 4nm to the south east of the FS airfield.

The airfield can become wet during winter months.

Weather Station Info Available Here

 Circuits at 1000′ QFE, LH on 04, RH on 22

04 – TORA 772m; LDA 722m
22 – TORA 772m; LDA 715m
Useful Radio Frequencies 
Full Sutton Radio: 120.105
Humberside Radar: 119.130
Doncaster Radar:  126.225