Trial Flying Lessons

Trial Flying Lessons

You can book a Trial Flying Lesson at any time by phoning the office or the clubhouse, with no further obligation. Trial Lessons start at £80 for 30 minutes in the Cessna 150 or 152 or £155 for an hour. ClickHERE for TRIAL FLIGHT GIFT VOUCHERS

Lessons can be of a duration to suit you, with a minimum of 30 minutes – and this means 30 minutes of time in the aircraft, from engine start to engine stop.

You have a choice of aircraft – most of our training is done in either the C150/152 or Piper PA28s, of which we have a good selection – see the Aircraft page.

Contact an Instructor direct for more details – they will be happy to give advice & encouragement.

Please look at our rates – they are good enough to encourage you to come from much further afield than our home base near York in North Yorkshire.

You can travel, stay and fly with us for cheaper than just the flying elsewhere!


Learning to fly is a challenging and exciting activity. It is also one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have – one of the last great freedoms available to us in a crowded world. A licence to explore the skies at will must surely be one of the greatest privileges we can earn.

You will spend a minimum of 45 hours flying aeroplanes to qualify for your Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL requires 35 hours). You will also spend some time studying for the written exams which accompany the syllabus. Your instructor will give you guidance with these. Fast-track courses for the written examinations are available.

There is also a steady social community at Full Sutton – if you can spend time at the Clubhouse, you will learn a lot by just talking to other pilots, who are always willing to share their experiences. Indeed, some of them insist!