Learning To Fly

Learning To Fly

Learning to fly is a challenging and exciting activity. It is also one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have – one of the last great freedoms available to us in a crowded world. A licence to explore the skies at will, must surely be one of the greatest privileges we can earn.

There is an active social community at Full Sutton – if you can spend time at the Clubhouse, you will learn a lot by just talking to other pilots, who are always willing to share their experiences. Indeed, some of them insist!

Trial Flying Lessons & Experience Flights

You can book a Trial Flying Lesson at any time by phoning the office or the clubhouse, with no further obligation. Trial Lessons start at £95 for 30 minutes or £175 for an hour. Click to request a Trial Flight Voucher HERE.

Lessons can be of a duration to suit you, with a minimum of 30 minutes – and this means 30 minutes of time in the aircraft, from engine start to engine stop.

You have a choice of aircraft – most of our training is done in either the C150 or Piper PA28s, of which we have a good selection – see the Aircraft page.

Contact an Instructor direct for more details – they will be happy to give advice & encouragement.

Please look at our rates – they are good enough to encourage you to come from much further afield than our home base near York in North Yorkshire.

You can travel, stay and fly with us far cheaper than just the flying elsewhere!

Due to Brexit please keep updated via the Civil Aviation Website. This information is correct at the time of writing. 
  • Private Pilots Licence

    ‘ A Licence to go and enjoy yourself!’

    At the end of the course you will have completed at least 45hours total flying consisting of:

    • Minimum  25 hours dual  instruction
    • Minimum 10 hours supervised solo,  including:
    • Minimum 5 hours solo navigation including a solo qualifying cross-country flight of at least 150 nautical miles, landing at 2 approved airfields.

    9 Ground School Written Exams, 1 Flight Skills Test, 1 Radio Proficiency Test

    Estimated cost: £7500 inc. Instructor, Aircraft Hire, Fuel, Exams, Utilities.

    1. Before
    2. After
  • Instrument Rating (Restricted)

    A UK only privilege allowing the PIC to fly under Instrument flight rules except in Class A Airspace, or when take-off / landing distances are below 1500m.

    ** Please note it is advised that this rating is completed not before 100hrs PIC have been achieved by the applicant **

    Training to include:

    • 15 hours flying
    • Minimum 10 hours with sole reference to instruments
    • Written examination
    • Flight skills test

    Est Cost. £2500inc. Instructor, Aircraft, Fuel & Utilities

    1. Before
    2. After
  • Night Rating

    An additional rating allowing the holder of any flight crew licence to fly at night in a suitably equipped aircraft.

    • Theoretical knowledge instruction
    • 5 hours flight time in aircraft at night including,
    • 3 hours dual instruction
    • 1  hour of cross-country navigation (27 nm)
    • 5 solo takeoffs and full stop landings

    No flight skills test. Rating valid for life.

    Est Cost £800inc. Instructor, Aircraft, Fuel & Utilities

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    2. After
  • Were here if you want to fly for fun or to start your professional career!

    Please feel free to attend the airfield during working hours to speak to an instructor or club member.

    Happy Flying!

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